How To Block Zenith Bank Account :Everything You Need To know

In the unfortunate event of losing your phone or experiencing theft, it becomes crucial to take immediate steps to secure your financial assets.

This article will help walk you through the comprehensive process of temporarily blocking your Zenith bank account, mitigating the risk of unauthorized transactions and potential scams.

     STEP BY STEP GUIDE              FOLLOWS


(1) Dial *966*911# on your registered mobile number linked to your Zenith bank account.

(2) A menu will appear, prompting you to select an option. Choose “1” to initiate the process of blocking your account temporarily.

(3) Confirm the action by agreeing to place a “Post No Debit” block on your Zenith bank account.


(1) Download the Zenith bank mobile app from your device’s app store (play store, or apple store, or even your favorite app downloading websites).

(2) Log in or register if you’re a new user

(3) Navigate to the option for blocking your ATM card within the app.

The mobile app provides a user-friendly interface, allowing you to manage your account and take immediate action to block your ATM card, enhancing the overall security of your account.


If you encounter any issues or suspect unauthorized activities, it’s good to report the issue to the Zenith bank customer service line listed below to ensure your account safety, and exercise patients and don’t loose hope, it won’t take long till you get answered by Zenith bank customer service.

By calling this numbers below on your mobile device, kindly keep note that Zenith bank don’t pay for your call charges.

Contact Number: 234-1-2787000, 0700ZENITHBANK


The customer care service is a vital resource for immediate assistance.

You can also contact them on their social media platforms, though is not recommendable due to the urgent situation you are facing, you might experience slow in response, which you might find frustrating.

Social profiles :

Facebook : (

Twitter(x) :

Instagram :

WhatsApp : +234 704 000 4422

By reporting issues promptly, you contribute to the swift resolution of any concerns related to your account security.


Unfortunately, blocking your account from another person’s phone is not possible.

In such cases, it’s recommended to visit your nearest Zenith bank branch or contact customer care for immediate assistance.

Security measures are in place to ensure that only the account owner, using the registered mobile number, can initiate critical actions like blocking the account.

This ensures the highest level of security for your financial information.


In conclusion, the *966*911# USSD code serves as a powerful way to block access to your Zenith bank account in urgent times.

Ensuring that your financial assets remain secure in various situations such as lost or stolen phones.

And mind the way you share your account secret details to random people, for not all lost fund can be recovered

By understanding and utilizing these methods, you empower yourself to take control of your account’s security, minimizing the risks associated with unauthorized access.

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