Did you move your primary bank account to Stanbic ibtc recently? If yes, you’ll need to unlearn and relearn so much stuff. One of the first things to learn is how to use the Stanbic Ibtc transfer code for transactions on your cellphone.

Using transfer codes is nothing new. Most banks offer an option to send money, receive money, pay bills, and purchase airtime using their specified transfer code. Stanbic Ibtc isn’t an exception.

With the introduction of Stanbic Stanbic IBTC, you can always carry out banking transactions from your cellphone, even without an internet connection.

In this post, you’ll learn how to activate your Stanbic Ibtc transfer code for seamless transactions from any mobile phone with a SIM card.


Similar to FirstBank’s Quick Banking and UBA’s Magic Banking, Stanbic Ibtc brings the flexibility of USSd banking to its users through its StanbicIBTC initiative.

With the Stanbic Ibtc transfer code, you can carry out most of your banking transactions on any smartphone, even without an internet connection.

Unlike most other banks that offer a USSD banking option, Stanbic Ibtc gifts users many exclusive benefits for transacting with the USSD code.

While most retail accounts support Stanbic IBTC, you can’t use the transfer code if you hold a domiciliary account, a Stanbic Children’s Account, or any Premium account tiers.

If you don’t hold any of the accounts specified above, you can proceed below to learn how to activate your StanbicIBTC account and start using Stanbic Ibtc’s transfer code.


Stanbic Ibtc doesn’t automatically activate the transfer code for all eligible users. If you intend to make transactions using the USSD code, you must manually sign up through the steps outlined below.

Dial *909*1*7#

The STANBIC IBTC TRANSFER CODE is *909# It is the Stanbic USSD code you’ll always dial on your cellphone whenever you need to make USSD transactions with your Stanbic IBTC account.

Dial *909#  Stanbic USSD code or Stanbic Transfer Code on your mobile phone. After dialing the code, a menu will appear on your screen. This menu lists various services you can access using Stanbic USSD Code or Stanbic Transfer Code. Each service will have a corresponding number. Reply with the number associated with the service you want to use.

Dialing this code will evoke a prompt warning that you’ll be shelling out a N6.98 service charge for USSD transactions on the network. If you’ve used transfer codes from other banks, you should know that this is the industry standard.

  • Enter the last digits of your Stanbic Ibtc’s debit card number

If you have an account with Stanbic Ibtc, you should get to a page where you can enter the number on the debit card associated with your Stanbic Ibtc account.

You only need to enter the last six digits, and you can only proceed if it matches the numbers on Stanbic Ibtc’s records.

If you don’t have an account associated with your phone number, you’ll get a prompt with the message, accompanied by an option to create an account with Stanbic Ibtc.

If you get this message despite having an account with Stanbic Ibtc, you may need to contact the bank’s support to rectify the error.

  • Choose a PIN

After entering the numbers on your debit card, the following prompt will ask you to choose a PIN to secure your USSD transactions.

This PIN is different from the debit card PIN that you use to make ATM and debit transactions. Also, we don’t recommend entering your debit card PIN here, as it only makes your account less secure overall.

Remember, StanbicIBTC is only as secure as your PIN. If someone can access your phone and your PIN, they can carry out any transaction without access to any other information relating to your account.

After entering a strong PIN twice, you should receive a confirmation message from Stanbic Ibtc with your account summary.

If you don’t know what transactions you can make through the StanbicIBTC feature on your phone, the next section will explain it in detail.

How to Transact Using Stanbic Ibtc Transfer Code

You’ve set up your Stanbic StanbicIBTC account; now what? How do you make regular banking transactions without ever downloading the Stanbic Ibtc app?

This section outlines some use cases of the Stanbic Ibtc transfer code and how you can carry out these transactions.

  • Account Opening

If you don’t have a Stanbic Ibtc account already, dialing the transfer code will only result in a prompt to open an account.

Opening a Stanbic Ibtc account through StanbicIBTC is easy and free, and you can get an account number without doing any paperwork.

If you want a debit card, however, you may have to visit a Stanbic Ibtc branch. Your phone can’t print out a card, you know?

  • Airtime Purchase

If you purchase airtime quite frequently, you should always do it using the Stanbic Ibtc transfer code.

To buy airtime using the code, dial *909*amount*phone number# and enter your PIN to authorize the transaction.

The first 909 Stanbic Ibtc customers to purchase airtime using the Stanbic Ibtc transfer code will get twice the recharge amount if it is N500 or more, but not more than N1,000.

  • Money Transfer

Money transfer is the most popular feature of StanbicIBTC. It allows you to transfer money to anyone with a bank account regardless of the bank.

Dial *909*11*amount*recipient’s account number# on your phone for Stanbic IBTC Transfer Code also known as Stanbic Ussd Code. To Transfer From Stanbic Ibtc Bank to other Banks transfer dial *909*22*amount*recipient’s account number# on your phone. You may have to enter your PIN to authorize the transaction.

Apart from transferring money and purchasing airtime, you can also update your BVN, make cardless withdrawals, retrieve your card PIN and even block your debit card using the Stanbic Ibtc transfer code.

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Stanbic Ibtc transfer code makes transactions easy. Banking activities that require human presence at a bank branch are now possible from a cellphone without an internet connection.

However, you should note some of the charges and limits associated with this service.

For example, you shell out a N6.98 service charge for every transaction, and you can’t purchase airtime of over N3,000 in 24 hours.

Most people will agree that the advantages of the service eclipse these charges and limits, making StanbicIBTC is a welcome initiative.

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